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Useful Links

Here, I'll post links to interesting and / or helpful articles, websites, podcasts, books, videos and organisations.  I'll update regularly when I come across anything I think might be relevant.

About...going to therapy

This is generally a really good, accessible podcast - have a scroll through the episodes and see what jumps out at you.  But The Therapy Room episodes are favourites of mine and this one is about talking, feeling and understanding emotions so that we can begin to change.  It can be quite sweary and does deal with sensitive topics, just to make you aware.

Where is my mind? with Niall Breslin: To heal we must feel.


This is a helpful guide about how to choose a therapist.  As is this.

About...the importance and benefit of understanding ourselves and our emotions

"That which has not been adequately acknowledged will continue to haunt us until it has been felt, mourned and understood."

This article from the School of Life explains how we often distract ourselves from our real feelings and how eventually they can show up as anxiety, depression or anger.  But they can be hard to acknowledge and explore:  we feel we don't have the time or the space, we worry about burdening others or deep down we're fearful of what we might discover.  Therapy aims to give you this time, space and support to understand more about yourself and work through difficult feelings so that you can let them go.


These websites, Refuge in Grief and What's Your Grief? , have a wealth of helpful, supportive and pragmatic information for those who are grieving and those who want to support them.

I'd also particularly recommend Megan Devine's book, 'It's OK that you're not OK' if you or anyone you know is dealing with an unexpected and / or sudden bereavement.

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