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Frequently asked questions

How long are the sessions and how much do they cost? 

Sessions typically last around 50 minutes and cost £50 per session.​  


Are they online or can we meet face-to-face?​​

Sessions can be online, over the 'phone or face-to-face. You don't need to stick to the same way of doing things either: sometimes you might prefer to meet face-to-face and at other times it may be more convenient to have our session online.


If you'd prefer to meet face to face, you have the choice of two locations. 

The Loft, Clarkston

The Consulting Rooms, West George St, Glasgow City Centre

How long does therapy last?​

Sometimes one or two sessions are enough to help you through a difficult period, other times people come to therapy for several months or longer.  Many others are in between the two.  You can also stop and start again if you feel you need to. It's important to do what's right for you. This is something we can discuss as we work together.  ​

I don't have a diagnosis of anxiety or depression.  Will therapy still be right for me?​

Absolutely.  You don't need to have any kind of diagnosis.  All that matters is how you are feeling and how you experience whatever issues are causing you distress.  


I've never done anything like this and I'm a bit nervous about it.  Can you tell me more about what happens?

Talking to a therapist about your thoughts and feelings might feel daunting and it may take a little bit of getting used to.  But therapy is really just a chance for you to have the time and space to explore what's behind the distress you're feeling, begin to understand yourself better and to work out how to move forward. This short, straightforward video from The School of Life might help to explain more about the benefits of therapy and deal with some of the concerns you may have about how it all works.  

How can I ensure you're a professional therapist?​

I am qualified to offer therapy to individuals because I hold a PGDip in Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Aberdeen.


I also belong to the professional body for counselling and psychotherapy in the UK, BACP.  This means that I work within their Ethical Framework and you can use their complaints procedure if necessary. 


As a professional counsellor, I also have a supervisor who ensures I work effectively and ethically. ​​


Finally, you can download a copy of the contract that I would ask us both to adhere to when working together so that you know what to expect. Just click here 

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